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Arpit Sheth

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Hey there, I’m Arpit!

Arpit Sheth Β β€’Β  UR-pit sh-EHTH Β β€’Β  he/him/his

I am a startup-savvy engineer building technology for a more creative future.

This is a guide on how I operate and ways that we can work better together. It certainly isn't meant to be prescriptive. Rather, I hope this guide sparks a dialogue about how we can best complement one another and develop a solid foundation for an effective working relationship.

β€œWork hard with friends”

That's my work mantra. I've developed it over the years, but much of it stems from the time I spent cutting my teeth working at ambitious early-stage startups. I know first-hand how a small group of tight-knit, talented individuals working together can achieve the impossible. As such, my work style ranks high on the enterprising and relational dimensions.


I bring an enterprising work ethic to help teams do original work. My first order of business is typically to flatten strict hierarchies and broker interdisciplinary collaboration. This leads to a team culture where people are courageous and ideas are creative. Once people feel that they can β€œlead from anywhere”, we can leverage this conviction to make calculated investments in an array of possible futures.


All successful relationships are successful for the same reasons. My approach is to encourage two-way vulnerability, confidence, and consistency between us. If we do it right, we'll build a trusting foundation early on that we can collectively build on top of overtime.

I also believe that fulfilling relationships are a prerequisite for ambition. I like to view my teammates as well-rounded people and strive to maximize our time together at work in a way that enriches our lives holistically. So, I have little patience for people who wield their competency and ambition like a weapon that fractures team trust. I like to winβ€”but not at the cost of fomenting a selfish and hostile environment. My experience has taught me that when we care earnestly about one another, competency multiplies.

πŸ’Ž Core Values

My Core Values describe why I act the way I do. They reflect my priorities when it comes to decision making. I don't expect others to share all the same values, but I'll work to find harmony between us.

Core ValueDescription
πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈIndividualityExpress your authentic self and chart your own path
πŸ”­InventivenessInvest in yourself and others for the calculated pursuit of dreams and novelty
βš–οΈIntegrityDo the right thing in service of others because your reputation compounds over time
🌈InclusivityMake space for diverse ideas and identities
🧠InsightfulnessContribute substantively by thinking ideas through with multiple perspectives

πŸ’ͺ Defining Strengths

My Defining Strengths describe how I act naturally and most effectively. I am happiest when I can exercise more of my strengths alongside people who have complementary skills and strengths.

Defining StrengthDescription
πŸ¦„Coltish CollaborationI playfully work with diverse teammates to help us achieve outsized impact.
πŸš€Connected CallingI synthesize our common ideals and rally us around a mission-driven campaign.
πŸŽ™Crisp CommunicationI articulate complex topics with clarity and thoroughness to a positive reception.
🧬Crosscutting CuriosityI adopt a "learn it all" mentality to explore and appreciate many disciplines.
🎯Candid CoachingI humbly subscribe to mentorship and gratefully pay it forward to others.

🧩 Complementary Areas

As I get better at harnessing my strengths, I've grown to appreciate the strengths of others. By relying on each other's complementary qualities, we can round out our team's talent profile. Here are some areas I appreciate getting help in:

  • I love working across functional areas because that's how I explore my appreciation and curiosity for a given problem space. Despite my best intentions, some new teammates might think I'm being a smartass. Please just tell me, and I'll adapt how I workβ€”I'm a generalist after all.
  • Because I have a mission-driven approach to work, busy work that feels directionless is likely to burn me out. If you sense my motivation dipping, try to help me understand how my work rolls up to an ambitious vision and the scope of my impact to date.
  • My strengths in design, communication, and insightfulness cause me to be detail-oriented. Occasionally I might fall into a nit-picking rabbit-hole, so please yank me out and let me know if the situation calls for speed and scrappiness.
  • If my projects aren't technically challenging enough, see if you can help me add on teaching, coaching, or community building opportunities to leverage my relational work style.

Lastly, I exhibit my best work ethic when at least one of my teammates has a bias for action.

πŸ“‘ Recent Feedback

These are direct quotes from recent 360 feedback reviews.


β€œI think at some point Arpit will benefit from choosing to focus and prioritize his work in one main area. Arpit already excels in all disciplinary spaces, so his impact would be exponential if he were fully dedicated to perfecting a singular craft.”

β€œWhile Arpit possesses a can-do attitude and strong inclinations to help others, he would do well to learn how to say no.”


β€œArpit is an intelligent, articulate, and generous team player.”

β€œHe has EXCELLENT presentation skills.”

β€œArpit is both creative and business minded. When building a feature he cares about the user experience and good design as well as the effectiveness of a given solution and business impact. He asks very accurate and insightful questions in a way that doesn’t cause the recipient to become defensive and leads to productive discussion. He is a great communicator and I can see that his peers respect and value his input.”

β€œArpit has really stepped up as a leader and mentor. He is not only always available to help, but he also actively reaches out to share knowledge, and creates an inclusive team atmosphere. I especially appreciate how he always recognizes others. Arpit has both a strong cultural impact as well as a business impact and is invaluable to our team.”

β€œArpit is a risk-taking, socially poised, and motivating team builder.”

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