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Arpit Sheth

I am a startup-savvy engineer building technology for a more creative future.

I currently develop software at WeWork to design and sell beautiful spaces around the globe. I'm a battle-tested starter, having co-founded Crater and hustled at Matter. I hold an M.Eng in CS from Cornell Tech and did my undergrad at Cornell University.

I build new products for the most creative people at WeWork.

As a Senior Software Engineer, I lead projects that enable our interior designers and architects to design beautiful spaces at unprecedented scale.

Get in touch if you're looking for a product-obsessed engineer to lead your next interdisciplinary project.

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I was Co-founder & CEO at Crater, a synthetic media startup building local TV for a new generation of creators.

I led a highly creative and deeply technical team of engineers and designers. We built an AI-powered video production app, got funding, and were featured as an NYC startup to watch.
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I bring the innovative studio experience with me to help cross-functional teams deliver impactful products.

In the Cornell Tech Studio, I worked with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on a digital financial services project for low-income markets. I also won an award for designing a solution to promote urban greenspaces.

I hold an M.Eng in Computer Science from Cornell Tech. I'm a proud first generation graduate and did my undergrad at Cornell University.

At Matter, I built products to bring the future of manufacturing to independent designers, artisans, and fabricators.

I was awarded a fully sponsored fellowship by the Kessler Fellows Program and chose to work directly with the co-founders of Matter, an early-stage startup backed by Techstars.

I data-mined over 3,000 machine shop pricing models and used those insights to help launch a new product line of design collaboration software. The hard work paid off, and Matter was successfully acquired a few months later.

I mentor students with entrepreneurial ambitions.

I am especially passionate about NYC-based aspiring entrepreneurs. Currently, I'm plugged into the WeWork andCornell Tech startup ecosystems. In the past, I launched 3 Day Startup at Cornell and volunteered at Life Changing Labs.

If you're working on something neat, I'm happy to help however I can.

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I promote a culture of inclusivity, creativity, and courage everywhere I go.

I got my certification at the Cornell Engineering Leadership Program and went on to become President ofCornell Theta Tau. Most recently, I was a Technology Ambassador for WeWork's internship program.

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