Arpit Sheth

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I’m an interdisciplinary engineer with creator instincts and a knack for starting things.

I co-founded Crater and was early at Matter. I recently graduated from Cornell Tech with an M.Eng in CS and am looking for exciting new opportunities.

I was Co-founder & CEO at Crater, a synthetic media startup building local TV for the next generation.

I led a highly creative and deeply technical team of engineers, designers, and product managers. We built an AI-powered video production app, got funding, and were featured as an NYC startup to watch.

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I recently graduated with an M.Eng in Computer Science from Cornell Tech.

In the Studio, I worked with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on a digital financial services project for low-income markets. I also won an award for designing a solution to promote urban greenspaces.

I studied CS in undergrad at Cornell University.

At Matter, I built products to bring the future of manufacturing to independent designers, artisans, and fabricators.

I was awarded a fully sponsored fellowship by the Kessler Fellows Program and chose to work directly with the co-founders of Matter, an early-stage startup backed by Techstars. I researched over 3,000 machine shops and shipped products to help steer the company towards strategic acquisition.

I mentor students with entrepreneurial ambitions.

Along with my friends, I launched 3 Day Startup at Cornell to teach tech entrepreneurship. I also advised and did pro bono design work for portfolio companies at Life Changing Labs.

If you’re working on something neat, I’m happy to help however I can.

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I speak to inspire career & creativity in tech.

I got my certification at the Cornell Engineering Leadership Program and went on to become President of Cornell Theta Tau to promote career leadership for engineers on campus. I’ve spoken at the USA Science & Engineering Festival and NJ Governor’s School.

I design branding to help organizations embody their culture and values.

The branding initiative I launched at Cornell Mars Rover helped catapult the team from underdogs to one of the most competitive.

For over ten years I’ve been teaching myself design. It is core to how I build products and lead teams.

AI may come after our creative abilities, but it can’t take away our expressive identities.

I make time for art. Sometimes, I draw sci-fi illustrations. But mostly, I savor the subtle splendor of the world with photography.

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