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Arpit Sheth

About 🎈

Hey there, I’m Arpit!

Arpit Sheth  •  UR-pit sh-EHTH  •  he/him/his

I am a startup-savvy engineer building technology for a more creative future.

Welcome to my corner of the universe! 👽

The internet is a lot of crazy things. But I believe your own website is a sacred place where we celebrate courage, not perfection; authenticity, not extravagence. This is my homebase.

I’m trying to get better at learning in public. So, some things I share might be half-baked, or I might change my mind as I learn more. I’m going to say what I beleive and work even harder to be correct. But, mistakes happen. If I make one, I’ll be honest about it and learn from it. This website is where I get to express myself, iterate on ideas, and reflect on my growth.

If you have thoughtful feedback for me, please let me know!


  • 👨‍💻 Senior Software Engineer at WeWork
  • 🤖 Technology Ambassador at WeWork
  • 💼 Career Coach at Cornell Tech Career Services
  • 💡 Alumni Mentor at Cornell Theta Tau
  • 🗽 Based in New York City


  • 🎬 Co-founder & CEO at Crater
  • 🛠 Product Engineering Fellow at Matter
  • ☄️ Business Lead at Cornell Mars Rover
  • 👾 M.Eng in Computer Science from Cornell Tech
  • 🎓 B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University
  • 👨‍🔬 Scholar at NJ Governor’s School of Engineering & Technology


  • 🎤 Passionate speaker — Inspire young people to pursue STEM
  • 🎨 Self-taught designer — Fuels my growth as an engineer and entrepreneur
  • 📸 Avid photographer — My creative outlet to explore and savor the world around us
  • 🇺🇸 Proud immigrant — Born in India and raised in New Jersey

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© 2020 Arpit Sheth

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© 2020 Arpit Sheth